Winter Series Registration Is Now Open

Registration for the 40th Winter Series is now open. Register Here. The course locations are being switched up. Race 1 is at Black Forest, race 2 is at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, race 3 is at Goose Gossage Park, and race 4 is at Norris Penrose Events Center. The series is still a progressive series.

Mike Shafai Tribute Workout - Thursday, October 18th, 6:00 AM

The Sunrise Striders will host a Mike Shafai Tribute Workout on Thursday, Oct 18th, at 6:00 AM. Runners will meet at Plaza of the Rockies, 111 S Tejon Street. We'll do hill repeats that'll make Mike proud. Warm up via America The Beautiful Park and head south on the trail toward Bear Creek Park and over to BFNH (Big, Freakin' Nasty Hill, for you newbies). From there, we will do 12x60-second repeats. These should be an all out effort with an easy jog recovery back down. After #12, finish at the top and we'll get a group pic with everyone at Mike's Bench (hopefully the sun will be up by then). Jog easy back for coffee and reminiscing. It will be dark at 6:00 AM, so night lights are recommended.

The Cheyenne Mountain Run, Oct 20th

Skip college football. Make it a Summit Day! Be among the first to run/power-hike/scramble to the top of Cheyenne Mountain on Oct 20th, as the Dixon Trail up Cheyenne Mountain is ready. See Gazette article here. You can register here. There is a limit of 400 for the Half Marathon distance, which goes to the top of Cheyenne Mountain, and no limit on the 3 Mile option.

Tuesday, Sep 25th: Opening Day for public access to Dixon Trail