Palmer Lake 4th of July 4M
Course Records

Inaugural Race Year: 1982

Current Course Used in Years: Not sure, but at least from 2005 - present have been doing the loop around the lake and then heading down the trail. Some earlier courses started on the west side of the railroad tracks, but we are not sure when the course change took place.

Note: Tony Abdella provided the following information after the 2009 race on how the course has not been consistent over the years. Thus the records that are listed below should be taken with a grain of salt. Perhaps it's more correct to say the records below are event records, rather than course records, since the course has had regular non-trivial tweaking.

From Tony:

"I ran the 4 miler at Palmer Lake today. She changed the first part of the race and added almost 1/4 mile compared to last year. I noticed on the official results they changed our pace times to reflect a longer than 4 mile course. PPRR races are normally exactly the same and the records make sense."

I think I've ran this race 5-6 times and the first part of the race has changed every time. I know in 2003 we ran around the lake and the race I did before that was on the other side of the tracks. It might of been 2002 but not sure. If I had to guess it would be between 2002-2003 they switched for the other side of the tracks."

Current Course Info: Point to point, starting near the gazebo at Palmer Lake Regional Park, doing one loop around Palmer Lake, and then hitting the Sante Fe Trail and finishing in Monument. The course is a slight downhill. The Sante Fe Trail is on old railroad route, thus the downhill is very gradual. The trail is hard-packed dirt. Elevation is about 7,000 feet.

Note: The records below are based on results from 2004-present, with the exception of 2012, when the race was cancelled because of the Waldo Canyon fire.

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Record    Lower  Upper                                         Year
Type       Age    Age Sex Name                    Age  Time    Set   City            State
Overall     0     98   M  Jeremy Meadows           19  0:19:34 2018  Monument          CO
Age-Group   0     10   M  George Arciniegr             0:24:25 2015
Age-Group  11     15   M  Chris Ganem              15  0:21:49 2008
Age-Group  16     25   M  Jeremy Meadows           19  0:19:34 2018  Monument          CO
Age-Group  26     35   M  Adam Rich                33  0:20:02 2014
Age-Group  36     45   M  Adam Rich                37  0:20:13 2018  Colorado Springs  CO
Age-Group  46     55   M  Scott Lebo               50  0:22:39 2017
Age-Group  56     65   M  Peter Fleming            57  0:22:47 2018  Colorado Springs  CO
Age-Group  66     75   M  David Powers             71  0:23:36 2014
Age-Group  76     85   M  Robert McAndrews         77  0:38:56 2017  Colorado Springs  CO

Overall     0     98   F  Lindsay Scherf           18  0:21:33 2005
Age-Group   0     10   F  Bethany Michalak         10  0:26:40 2017  Colorado Springs  CO
Age-Group  11     15   F  Laureen Fisk             15  0:25:00 2007
Age-Group  16     25   F  Lindsay Scherf           18  0:21:33 2005
Age-Group  26     35   F  Amanda Occhi             30  0:23:11 2008
Age-Group  36     45   F  Eva Hagen                40  0:24:41 2008
Age-Group  46     55   F  Amy Regnier              46  0:25:26 2008
Age-Group  56     65   F  Nancy Hobbs              56  0:28:23 2017  Colorado Springs  CO
Age-Group  66     75   F  Connie Ahrnsbrak         67  0:32:20 2007  
Age-Group  75     85   F  Leona Lacroix            76  0:53:09 2014