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Long Run Advertising Information

The Pikes Peak Road Runners offers two means of advertising in its monthly periodical, the Long Run. Letter-size fliers can be inserted by PPRR volunteers at the monthly mailing prep, or ad space within the pages of the Long Run and on the back cover can be incorporated by our layout editors.

PPRR does not restrict advertising content, although we reserve the right to refuse any material deemed inappropriate for our readers. Additionally, the Postal Service prohibits us from accepting any advertising related to insurance, trips or travel agencies, or instruments of credit such as bank cards.

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Insert Fliers

Dimensions: Fliers for inserting into the Long Run must be letter size (8.5 x 11) to enable us to meet all the postal requirements. Please ensure that any pre-folded inserts, such as a tri-fold brochure, come to us unfolded and flat.

Quantity: Please ensure that a minimum of 1100 fliers are supplied, but best to check with the advertising coordinator for current numbers as it may vary due to membership fluctuations. We cannot insert partial quantities due to postal regulations, so if we do not have enough for the entire mailing, we will not be able to include it at all.

Printing Option: If it is more convenient or less expensive for you, PPRR can have your fliers printed and delivered. In this case, please make arrangements with the advertising coordinator as to the specific quantity, type of paper, and submission of the file. See the rate sheet for specific costs.


General Rates:

  • 8.5 x 11 flier $125

Non-Profit/Charity/Partner Rates:

  • 8.5 x 11 flier $50

Printed Ads

A limited amount of ad space is available for printed ads included within the pages of the Long Run and on the back cover. See below for information on rates and sizes. Please note that it is our policy not to print within the newsletter "tear-off" registrations or other forms.

Reservations: Space must be reserved for inside page and cover advertising, so contact the Advertising Coordinator as soon as possible. Space reservations must be made by the 5th day of the month.

Submission: Artwork/e-File must be submitted to the Advertising Coordinator by the 8th day of the month to allow time for revisions if necessary. PDF files are preferred, but we can work with most native files, vector formats, and bitmaps (e.g. jpeg). For full bleed artwork (inside or outside back cover), please include a minimum of 1/8” bleed over the edges, and be sure to include crop marks (see ad sizing pages below). If you need help with these details, contact the Advertising Coordinator.


General Rates:

  • 1/8 Page (3.5w x 2.125h) $20
  • 1/4 Page (3.6w x 4.75h) $30
  • 1/2 Page (7.25w x 4.45h) $70
  • Full page (7.25w x 9.5h) $100
  • Inside back cover (7.5 x 10 Black and White, resolution 200 ppi final size) $120
  • Back cover (8.5w x 9.5h full bleed) $150
  • Back cover full color (8.5w x 9.5h full bleed) $300

Non-Profit/Charity/Partner Rates:

  • Back cover (8.5w x 9.5h full bleed) $125
  • Back cover full color (8.5w x 9.5h full bleed) $225

Delivery and Payment

Please contact the Advertising Coordinator for details on delivery of insert fliers and payment methods, or download the accompanying PDF files.

Website Advertising Rates

$35 per month


The website advertisements along the right side of the site are part of a responsive design, therefore the size is more free flow as the ad area expands to fill based on the width of the user's browser (generally an image in some sort of image format GIF, JPG, PNG about 75px tall x 200px wide works well) and you can include text if you want. The whole ad is wrapped in a link of your choosing (hopefully pointing to something business or running related, nothing scammy or pornographic).

If you would like a certain color scheme for the background or border around the ad just let me know. Let's try to stick to non-neon colors and something that fits the scheme of the site (maybe neon pink with green text would be a bad choice).