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Marilyn and John Goodloe

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The Kids Fall Series is a series of four races in four different city and county parks. There are 4 separate divisions: super mini, mini, short series, and long series, each of progressively increasing length. Races begin at 11:30am.

  • Super Mini: 25 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards, 100 yards (All distances will be approximate.)
  • Mini: 100 yards, 200 yards, 300 yards, 400 yards (All distances will be approximate.)
  • Short Series: 0.5 mile, 0.75 mile, 1 mile, 1.25 mile (All distances will be approximate.)
  • Long Series: 1 mile, 1.5 mile, 2 miles, 2.5 miles (All distances will be approximate.)

Age range is 0 to 14.

This is a trail series and may include such things as hay bales, rocks, and other obstructions.

Each child receives a ribbon after each race, and commemorative medals are given out at the fourth race.

Results are generated for the short series and long series.

COVID-19 Compliant Social Contract
  • Follow CDC and Colorado Health Department guidelines for COVID-19
  • Must be “healthy” to attend (follow government guidelines for outdoor event)
  • Runners bring their own pre-race and during-race hydration/nutrition
  • Runners must agree to the social contract when registering
Public Health Guidelines

City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services -- Public Health Guidelines

In all instances, the following public health guidelines should be followed:

  • Do not use parks, trails and open spaces if you are exhibiting symptoms. If you or your children are experiencing symptoms, it’s important to stay home when sick.

  • Follow the CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to and during use of parks or trails. Bring hand sanitizer with you to clean your hands if soap and water are not available.

  • Users may find public restrooms closed. Be prepared before you leave and time outings so that you are not dependent on public restrooms.

  • Bring water or drinks. Public drinking fountains may be disabled and should not be used, even if operable.

  • While on trails, warn other users of your presence before you pass, and step aside to let others pass. Signal your presence with your voice, bell or horn.

  • Observe the minimum recommended physical social distancing of 6 feet from other individuals. If this is not possible, users should find an alternate location or depart that space. Practice it and know what it looks like.

  • Do not gather in groups of more than 10 or engage in any activity where you cannot maintain at lest 6 feet from other people. This includes activities involving physical contact or sharing equipment.

  • Do not touch any surfaces that are likely to be touched by other people. Staff is applying extra disinfectant weekly to playground equipment, but the safest thing is to refrain from touching these surfaces. That said, we also understand that outdoor play is important for children especially at times like this. So, if you take your kids to a playground, consider wiping down equipment with disinfectant wipes before and after use. Of course, kids should also clean their hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

  • Bring a suitable trash bag. Leave no trace, take everything out to protect park workers.

Course Information

This is a trail series and may include such things as hay bales, rocks, and other obstructions. But all the kids will be able to handle it.

Norris Penrose Event Center Directions - Race 1
1045 Lower Gold Camp Road
  • From I-25, take the Cimarron Exit (exit 141)
  • At end of exit ramp, turn west, towards the mountains
  • Proceed to 8th Street and turn left onto 8th Street
  • Proceed to Lower Gold Camp Road, and turn right.
  • Turn Left into Norris Penrose Event Center
  • Please park in the parking lot south of the office building.
  • Walk to the southern end of the parking lot and walk west.
  • Staging will be at the southernmost end of the parking lot.
North Monument Valley Park Directions - Race 2
W Fontanero Street & Culebra Place, Colorado Springs, CO

From I-25, take the Uintah Exit (Exit 143)

  • At end of exit ramp, turn east (away from the mountains).
  • Turn left at Cascade Ave.
  • Turn left at Fontanero St
  • Turn left at Culebra Place.
  • Staging area is the large grassy area south of the restroom and ball field.

Pinon Valley Park and Ute Valley Park Directions - Race 3
Staged from Pinon Valley Park
5585 Mule Deer Drive
  • From I-25
    • Take Garden of the Gods Road (Exit 146)
    • Drive west 1 mile to Centennial Boulevard
    • Turn north and drive 1.4 miles to Mule Deer Drive
    • Turn east and drive 2 blocks to Pinon Valley Park
    • Please be respectful of others property when parking in any residential area.
Palmer Park Directions - Race 4
N Academy Blvd & Maizeland Road
  • From southbound I-25
    • Take the Garden of the Gods Exit (Exit 146)
    • Head east (away from the mountains) on Garden of the Gods Road
    • After you cross Nevada Ave, the road name changes to Austin Bluffs Parkway
    • Proceed on Austin Bluffs Parkway to N Academy Blvd
    • Turn right onto N Academy Blvd
    • Proceed to Maizeland Road
    • Turn right onto Maizeland Road
    • Take the next right into Palmer Park.  The staging area is west of the bathrooms.
  • From northbound I-25
    • Take the Uintah Exit (Exit 144)
    • Head east (away from the mountains) on Uintah
    • Turn slight left at Palmer Park Blvd (you'll be heading NE)
    • At Union Blvd, turn slight right and stay on Palmer Park Blvd
    • Turn left at N Academy Blvd
    • Turn left at Maizeland Road
    • Take the next right into Palmer Park. The staging area is west of the bathrooms.


Event History

The Kids Fall Series started in 1991. The emphasis is on fun. Watching the toddlers dart about in 20 different directions is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Larry Miller was the original race director of the Kids Fall Series, as he would make it a very long day when you consider all the work that goes into the Adult Fall Series. Around 2004, Steve Rex stepped in and handled the Kids Fall Series, which took a burden off of Larry. Steve handled things for a couple of years. Then in 2008, Micky Simpson became the race director of the Kids Fall Series and continued until 2017. Her enthusiasm was contagious and everybody went home with smiles. In 2018, Marilyn and John Goodloe and taking over the Kids Fall Series, thus the tradition continues with excellent leadership and support.


more information from RRCA on the policy Following guidelines from the Road Runners of Clubs of America (RRCA), Pikes Peak Road Runners discourages and in most cases, does not allow use of headphones in its races. The rationale for this is simple: the majority of our races are held on trails, which are crowded with many other runners (and sometimes other trail users). Maintaining one’s sensory capacity during such situations is paramount for the safety of all participants.