Full Moon Run faceboook

Show the Full Moon all of Your Moves

General Information

Notice, 11/6/2020: Due to a lack of participation, the PPRR Full Moon Runs have been canceled until further notice.

A run for the full moon, followed by a tailgate gathering. Groups will be formed to run various distances (usually 2 to 5 miles) and then stay after the run for a tailgate (bring whatever you would like to share). A headlamp or flashlight may be needed depending on the time of year and length of the run.

This is a social group run, and not a competitive race. All ability levels are welcome, both walkers and runners.

Source: NASA Eclipse Website

Course Information

During the months with ample evening daylight, the runs are held at Red Rock Canyon Park, at Ridge Road and Hwy 24. The runs use various trails in the park, depending on what the group wants to do that night. Over the course of several months, you'll be familiar with all the trails in the park and all it has to offer.

When evening daylight is not so ample, the runs originate from just outside the Trading Post at the Garden of the Gods (about a block south of the Trading Post). The runs typically stay on the roads in the Garden of the Gods, as that is easy and safe to handle in the dark. You can never go wrong with a run in the Garden.

Event History

Micky Simpson started the Full Moon Runs in 2008. This was done at the suggestion of John O'Neill and Jeff Tarbert of the Colorado Running Company. They thought that the PPRR needed a social run. The runs have always been geared towards a casual run with friends and the accompaning socializing. And sometimes the Full Moon is actually visible during the run, which adds extra atmosphere to the evening.

Micky headed up the Full Moon Runs thru 2010 and greeted everybody with a friendly smile and some great eats. Oh, and the actual runs were a blast as well.

In 2011, Micky handed over the reins to Jon Cornick. He continued the friendly atmosphere, good jokes, and good runs. Jon continued until the fall of 2013.

Micky came back to the rescue and led the runs from the fall of 2013 through all of 2014.

In 2015, Bernie Redlinger now heads up the Full Moon Runs. So they are still going strong, just as consistent and predictable as each full moon.