Rescue Run 2022 Sat, Jan 01

Rain, Snow or 20 Below!

Norris Penrose Event Center / Bear Creek East Trails

Race Director

Neal Taylor & Teresa Taylor

Race Date

  • 5K 10K, Sat, Jan 01

General Information


  • NEW VENUE IN 2022! Norris Penrose Event Center / Bear Creek Park
  • 5K or 10K, In-Person Event (Virtual by request, no time submission or awards)
  • NEW! Both 5K and 10K start at 10:00 am

Start the New Year off with the 44th Annual Rescue Run! A new location and course mean new records will be set on the 5K and 10K routes! Course will be mostly on the wide trails in East Bear Creek.

While the plan is for an in-person event, changes in COVID protocol could result in a change to a virtual event.

Please sign up early to assure shirt availability. Supply delays may limit the opportunity for an additional order.

Race Beneficiary

Proceeds of this event go to El Paso County Search & Rescue (EPCSAR). EPCSAR provides search and rescue services primarily in the jurisdiction of El Paso County, Colorado. However, the team also responds to requests for assistance from other counties through a cooperative arrangement with the Colorado Search and Rescue Board.

From the summit of Pikes Peak to the plains or eastern El Paso County and anywhere in between, the EPCSAR team is ready to help. Responding to calls for those who are lost, injured, or ill on a trail or in the forest, stranded, lost, or experiencing a medical emergency during a blizzard, any time of day or night, these dedicated volunteers stand ready to respond, 24/7/365. All members purchase their own equipment, and contribute hundreds of volunteer hours to the community.

EPCSAR never charges for their services, year-round, 24 hours a day.

The race is actually owned and organized by the EPCSAR. The PPRR provides timing and volunteer services for the race. In exchange for this, the EPCSAR provides medical, course and parking support at the PPRR Winter Series races. The Rescue Run info is provided on the PPRR website as part of this cooperative relationship.

Packet Pickup

Through December 29th at 6:00 pm:

Runners Roost 121 N. Tejon, Colorado Springs

Colorado Running Company 5262 N. Nevada Ave. #140, University Center, Colorado Springs

Race Day - Januray 1st at 8:30 am - in the park (Norris Penrose Event Center)

Changing Race Distance Once Registered

It is critical to change your distance BEFORE you start the race or you affect awards and results.

You can change it anytime before 5:00 pm on December 30th on under EVENT CHANGE.

After 5:00 pm December 30th, you can do so RACE DAY at RACE DAY SHIRT PICK UP BEFORE the race starts. Look for the sign “Distance Change”.

Plan to cross the start line no later than 10:10.

Course Information

Mostly wide dirt trails; could be icy in the shade and trails will not be plowed if it snows the day before. Low point: 6058 ft. High point: 6192 ft.

Both races: start at 10:00 am and runners will run 0.5 mile on Event Center roads and dirt lots before crossing the bridge and entering the wide, dirt trails of East Bear Creek Regional Park.

5K: After the bridge, the trail rolls with an overall gain to mile 2 and the high point of the course. The trails are generally downhill to the finish from this point. At 2.5 miles, the 5K will split from the 10K and continue straight on the trail in a northeast direction. At 2.74 miles, runners will cross their final bridge, finishing the last .25 mile uphill through a dirt lot by the horse barns and back to the finish.

Two water stations: Approximately 1.5 and 2.5 miles

10K: After the bridge, the trail rolls with an overall gain to mile 2 and the high point of the course. After the downhill, 10K runners leave the 5K course at 2.5 miles and head uphill through a gate to the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) trail. This half-mile section is on private property, please stay on trails and be good neighbors! Once through the gate, runners will have a second climb that is shorter and steeper, with a nice descent back down to the rolling park trail, making a loop and returning on the same trail toward CCL but remaining on park trails. Runners will criss-cross the center of the park, returning on the west and north section of trail they started on. Instead of crossing the bridge back to the finish here, runners will run back along the creek trail to the east bridge, with the last .25 mile uphill through a dirt lot by the horse barns and back to the finish.

Four water stations: Approximately 1.5, 3.5, 4.5, and 5.75 miles

Event History

This event started in 1979, and is one of the longest running races in the Pikes Peak Region. The courses have always been tough with ample hills, which is exactly how the El Paso County Search & Rescue likes it. The race was run out of the Penrose Equestrian Center for several years and followed a hilly course along Lower Gold Camp Road.

The race motto is "Rain, Snow, or 20 Below." Usually the weather is ok, but there have been years when winter decided to join the race. The organizers have never cancelled the race, but one year the Colorado Springs Police cancelled the event because of snow, ice and blizzard conditions. However, some runners still went out and ran the course that year in all of winter's glory.

The course moved to Palmer Park in 1995. It has used the same course in Palmer Park since then except in 2000. In 2000, or Y2K, organizers were unable to secure police assistance to close the roads in Palmer Park. This is because the police were worried about all the Y2K disasters that were supposed to happen and assigned all officers to Y2K duties on January 1st. Thus in 2000, race organizers used a different course in Palmer Park that did not cross any of the roads, thus no police assistance was required.

The course is returning to Norris Penrose and Bear Creek East in 2022.


  • 5K, 10K, 1001 finishers


more information from RRCA on the policy Following guidelines from the Road Runners of Clubs of America (RRCA), Pikes Peak Road Runners discourages and in most cases, does not allow use of headphones in its races. The rationale for this is simple: the majority of our races are held on trails, which are crowded with many other runners (and sometimes other trail users). Maintaining one’s sensory capacity during such situations is paramount for the safety of all participants.