This map depicts ten historical articles written by Jack Anthony for the Pikes Peak Road Runners “Long Run” monthly magazine, January - December 2005. The 17-mile “History Trail Run” journey starts at the Woodmen Road trailhead of the Pikes Peak Greenway and then connects with the New Santa Fe Regional Trail at the southern boundary of the Air Force Academy and concludes at Palmer Lake. The final article is on the Greenland Loop, which is located north of Palmer Lake Click on the red links on the map to view the history for that section of the trail. Enjoy your long runs along this trail, and also enjoy reading about the areas' history.

If you have questions or suggestions for future articles, please e-mail author Jack Anthony. For additional historical info on Palmer Lake and Monument, check out the Palmer Lake Historical Society's fabulous web site

History Trail Run Map Dec: Greenland Trail Loop Oct: Uphill to Palmer Lake...a town and lake of many names Sept: Journey from Pring Station to Henry's Station (aka Monument Aug: The Husted Train Wreck of 1909 June & July: Welcome to Husted - Railroad and Lumber Town, plus some Indian troubles May: Meet John and Emma Kinner and their kids Dixie, Pat and Janet at the Kinner Ranch April: Meet William, Mary and Marian Young - pioneers from Illinois March: Elizabeth Lennox, 1972 - experience a year in the life of 14-year old pioneer girl Feb: Edgerton Community: Ice    “railroad community, unsolved murder mystery” business, Jan: Woodmen to Ice Lake: Stagecoaches, Teachout's, Railroads