Course Records

Colorado Springs Area Races

The following links provide course records for currently active races in the Colorado Springs area. If you notice any problems with these, please notify the Race Results Coordinator.

Some things to note are:

  • Age group records are determined for the current age groups that are used by the race. If a race does not define their age groups, then the records are shown using 5-year age groups (0-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc).
  • If a race gives out Masters awards, then Masters records are shown. The Masters category is for 40 and above.
  • The records are based on results that are posted on the PPRR website and other event websites. Most of these websites only go back to about 1997 for result listings. Thus in some cases for the older races that haven't changed their course since before 1997, the records are based on an incomplete set of results.