1998 Race Results

Course Records

If you have results you want posted, please e-mail the result file(s) to raceresults@pprrun.org, and we'll get them posted.

All results by Pikes Peak Road Runners,unless otherwise noted.

Photos for many of the events can be found on the photos page.

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Date Event
Jan 1 Rescue Run 5K
Jan 1 Rescue Run 10K
Jan Winter Series I, 5K
Jan Winter Series I, 10K
Jan Winter Series II, 4M
Jan Winter Series II, 8M
Feb Winter Series III, 5M
Feb Winter Series III, 10M
Feb Winter Series Team Results
Feb Winter Series IV, 10K
Feb Winter Series IV, 20K
Mar St. Patricks Day 5K
Apr Tortoise and Hare Predict
Apr Elbert Reflections 5K/10K
May Armed Forces Day 10K
Jun Garden of the Gods 10M - Men
Jun Garden of the Gods 10M - Female
Jun Run the Bluffs 5K
Jun Sailin Shoes 5K
Jun Sailin Shoes 10K
July Y Not Run 5K
July Run for Hope 5K
July Women's Distance Festival 5K
Aug Woodland Park Mayors Cup 5K
Aug Woodland Park Mayors Cup 10K
Aug Pikes Peak Ascent
Aug Pikes Peak Marathon
Sept Pony Express Run
Sept Race for the Cure 5K
Oct Fall Series I Results
Oct Kids Fall Series Results
Oct Fall Series II Results
Oct Manitou Springs Mayors Cup
Oct Fall Series III Results
Nov Fall Series Cumulative Results
Nov Fall Series IV Results
Nov Turkey Trot Predict
Dec Jingle Bell 5K