Pikes Peak Road Runners

Colorado Springs, Colorado

                KIDS FALL SERIES (Series #2)
                      Bear Creek Park
                    Colorado Springs, CO
                      October 14, 2001

Note: Four races were held of varying distances.  The first two
      races were not timed.  All results are in alphabetical

Weather: A sunny fall day with a slight breeze.  Temps were in
         the 60s.

Course, for first 2 races: On grass fields.

Course, for second 2 races: Grass and dirt trails, with some hills.
        A small creek, ankle deep, was crossed, and the kids had to
        climb over a split rail fence.

The next race in the series is at Ute Valley Park on October 28th.
The staging area is at Eagleview Middle School.  Take I-25 to the
Rockrimmon exit (147).  Go to Vindicator Drive.  Turn left (west).
Go by Safeway to Eagleview Middle School.

If you have questions about the results, please contact
Dave Sorenson at dsorenso@gte.net.  If you have other
questions about the series, please contact Larry Miller at