2001 Pony Express Results

  • so you decided that 6:00am was too early to get up for a run
  • so you decided that the weather was not conducive to running today
  • so you decided that Rampart Reservoir was a trip a little longer than what you wanted to drive.
  • so you decided that this past week was the worst you have experienced.
  • so you decided to stay in bed just a little longer
  • so you missed the membership new/renewal special
  • so you missed the sun rising on dew laden golden aspen
  • so you missed Bill Bennett's GPS experiment
  • so you missed the commemorative Pony Express horseshoe
  • so you missed seeing Rob Rolley (Executive Director Downtown YMCA) and Greg Segura (Colorado Springs Fire Department) sweeping the course on mountain bikes and enjoying every minute.

    We missed you.  Maybe next year ...

    Mark Brockie in spirit
    Leslie River in spirit
    Jayson Middlemiss 1:48.08
    Larry DeWitt 1:50.15
    Paul Sullivan 1:50.52
    Scott Sells 1:53.01
    Richard Nelson 2:00.51
    Jim Johnson 2:01.15
    Ted Bidwell 2:02.22
    Stephen Stalcup 2:02.54
    Bill Kurtz 2:05.29
    Ilona Jurasco 2:05.43
    Marc Kipp 2:05.46
    Gordon Neal 2:08.18
    Laurie Ryan 2:09.24
    Mike Foster 2:09.50
    Heidi McKenna 2:09.53
    Troy Baleria 2:13.35
    Peter Doyle 2:16.25
    Lani Gendron 2:19.20
    Geoff Miller 2:19.21
    Carla Augenstein 2:20.46
    Kim Greer 2:22.32
    Jeff Miller 2:22.39
    Bob Whitney 2:23.13
    Mark Silas 2:26.52
    Tim Adian 2:28.20
    Al Kroeger 2:28.43
    Brandie Vance 2:30.31
    Krista DeLaura 2:30.32
    Susan Gebhart 2:31.58
    Greg Leger 2:31.59
    Mark Lucas 2:32.14
    Tim Pleasant 2:34.17
    Tracy Stewart 2:42.52
    David Frier 2:46.25
    Alice Childers 2:47.05
    Carol Lyndell 2:48.35
    Anne Akers-Lewis 2:50.37
    Ans DeZeeuw 2:53.20
    Lou Christensen 2:56.09
    Kelly Jackson 2:56.40
    Maryanne Karras 2:58.36
    Bill Moyle 3:12.29