Pikes Peak Road Runners

Colorado Springs, Colorado

       Sailin Shoes Run for Fun 10K Team Results
               Downtown Colorado Springs, CO
                       June 19, 2004

Team Category: Open Division

Scoring Method: Total Team Time / Total Team Age
Minimum Runners Per Team:  5
Note: The scoring calculations are based on
      the first 5 finishers for each team.

 1. Team Name: JNIC                                    

Bib#  Name                   Sex Age Time       City           St  
1044  Don Olynick             M  50  0:44:29.0  Colo Spgs      CO
1155  Melody Peppard          F  23  0:45:27.0  Colo Spgs      CO
1231  Terri Lang              F  45  0:48:34.0  Colo Spgs      CO
1153  Lori Lewis              F  44  0:53:58.0  Colo Spgs      CO
1247  Jack Airlie             M  60  0:55:37.0  Colo Spgs      CO
1154  Lori Ruck               F  34  1:00:09.0  Colo Spgs      CO

Total Team Time:  4:08:05.0
Total Team Age:   222
Total Team Time / Total Team Age:  67.04955


The following teams in this category did not have
enough finishers to meet the mininum qualifications.

Team Name: Wild Oats                               

Bib#  Name                   Sex Age Time       City           St  
1358  Jeremy Dreher           M  23  0:40:07.0  Colo Springs     
1357  Rick Dreher             M  55  0:49:22.0  Colo Springs   CO
1356  Heather VanDenAardweg   F  30  0:49:27.0  Black Forest   CO

Total Team Time: n/a
Total Team Age: n/a
Total Team Time / Total Team Age: n/a


Updated 6/21/04

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