Pikes Peak Road Runners

Colorado Springs, Colorado

               Our Great Race 5K Awards
Awards were given for Leader of the Pack, Middle of the Pack,
and End of the Pack.  This is for both male and female.  If
there is a even number of finishers, then there are 2 Middle
of the Pack runners.  Awards were a 1-year membership to the
Pikes Peak Road Runners.
                 Leader Of The Pack - Female

Deb Devine           F  43    Crystal Bay, WV        21:24

                 Leader Of The Pack - Male

Jonathan Huie        M  25    Colorado Springs, CO   17:01

                 Middle Of The Pack - Female

Jan Huie             F  56    Colorado Springs, CO   25:55
Heather Evans        F  34    Colorado Springs, CO   26:09

                 Middle Of The Pack - Male

Jim McKelvey         M  63    Black Forest, CO       26:22

                 End Of The Pack - Female

Julie Foster         F  69    Colorado Springs, CO   43:55

                 End Of The Pack - Male
Ken Holmes           M  60    Colorado Springs, CO    39:22

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