Pikes Peak Road Runners

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The 2009 Winter Series I race was canceled.  Here's the info from the race directors:

January 9, 2009

Regrettabley, John Gardner and I have decided to cancel the first leg of the Winter Series in Fox Run.

Our decision was based on the following:

1) First and foremost, as runners, we decided to run the course on Friday afternoon to check on conditions.  Roughly three-quarters of the course was covered in black ice.  In our opinion, to send runners out on a hilly ice-skating rink at high speed would risk injury to our fellow runners.  We were not willing to contribute to this.  Four of us ran the course.  Two were in screw shoes, one wore Yak-Trax and the fourth wore regular running shoes.  It was dangerous for all of us at cruising speeds.

2) We spoke with El Paso County Search & Rescue.  They stand behind this decision.

3) Our perrenial course-marker and lifetime PPRR member, Phil Foster, got his truck stuck in one of the flat parking lots in the park and had to pay $90 to get towed out.  The comment from the tow truck driver was, "We hope you hold the race tomorrow, because we'll make lots of money".  Bottom line even driving in the park was treacherous.  If you don't believe me, ask Phil.

We will reconvene for WSII, and because it's further south, we're hoping for better conditions.  We truly appreciate your understanding.

Mike Shafai
Co-Race Director
PPRR Winter Series


January 11, 2009

Due to the cancellation of Winter Series I in Fox Run, the Series will now be scored based on times for the remaining three races.  The first race will not be rescheduled.

We would like to thank all of the runners and volunteers who were so helpful and understanding in our decision to cancel the first race.  Again, this was an extremely difficult decision, but one that was made with the safety of the runners in mind. 

We would especially like to thank Phil Foster and Bob Foster, who sacrificed life, limb, and truck, up at Fox Run on Friday afternoon.  We would also like to thank Pat Lockhart and Sandy Berry-Lowe for their efforts in handling pre-registration, and Dave Sorenson for hastily putting together the database of runners for us to attempt to reach on Friday night.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to reach everyone by phone due to time constraints, lack of phone numbers on some applications, or wrong numbers.

Finally, many thanks to Tom Dewane, Heather Evans, Ken & Diane Holmes, Tracy Thompson, and Donna Banks who spent their Friday evening calling runners to communicate the bad news.  We really appreciate your help!

We look forward to seeing you at the El Pomar Sports Complex for the next race.

Happy Trails,

Mike Shafai and John Gardner
Your Race Directors

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