Bob's Bash

Overall Results

June 23, 2012

Results by Pikes Peak Road Runners. E-mail any corrections/questions to

Please look over the results carefully and let us know if you notice any problems by sending an e-mail to Dave Sorenson at

We are experienced pulltag timers, but this is the first year we've used chip timing, so by no means do we claim to be seasoned chip timers,
as we are still in the "learning the ropes" phase, and will be in that phase for a good year or more.

Per the race director's decision, this race is scored by Chip Time. Gun Time is shown for informational purposes only.

For other questions about the race, please contact the race director, Steve Hitchcock, at


Course: Aspen Valley Ranch in Woodland Park. The course is a mix of gravel road and trails. There are
steep hills, fast aspen-laced single track, and wild downhills combine to create a trail race that
will leave you breathless in excitement and exhaustion.



OPlc GPlc AGPlc Bib Name Sex Age City Gun Chip Pace
1 1 1 Overall 8 Charles Schroeder M 72 Woodland Park CO 53:31 48:04 15:30/M
2 2 2 Overall 9 Moose O'Krepki M 52 Hammond LA 1:11:04 1:10:59 22:54/M
3 1 1 Overall 10 Geri O'Krepki F 52 Hammond LA 1:11:04 1:11:00 22:54/M