Pikes Peak Road Runners

Colorado Springs, Colorado

2014 PPRR Summer Series

The PPRR Summer Series is a participation series of 4 events from May through July.  This is non competitive and the emphasis is getting runners out for some exercise and fun.  It is geared towards beginning runners, but anybody is welcome to participate.  The events are also very achievable for kids, thus bring your kids out to join in the fun.  All you need to do is participate and finish these following events.

  1. May 3rd, Nielson Challenge (1 mile or 2 mile), North Monument Valley Park

  2. June 21st, Panoramic (2 mile or 4 mile), Bear Creek Park East

  3. June 28th, Veterans Home Run (3K or 5K), Memorial Park

  4. July 5th, Nielson Challenge (1 mile or 2 mile), North Monument Valley Park

  5. September 13th, The Great Race This Race has been Canceled:  The summer series has been shorten to 4 races do to The Great Race being canceled.

These series results are current after 4 races. All 4 races must be completed to receive a prize.

  Gold Winner
Complete 4 events
Receive a one-year membership



If you participated in the four events, but didn't get your name on the summer series list and want it on the list, please send an e-mail to Timing crew at raceresults@pprrun.org  and we'll get it corrected.  Thanks so much.

These  Races Results are Currently After 4 Events, You must complete 4

2014 Summer Series May Jun Jun Jul
Last Name First Name # Races
Daniel 3 x x x  
Crowe Jonathan 4 x x x x
Decker Terry 4 x x x x
Lindsay Kim 3 x x x  
Macgregor Marc 4 x x x x
Morgan Joe 4 x x x x
Snygg Charles 4 x x x x
Tabares Jaylynn 4 x x x x
Tabares Kayli 4 x x x x
Tabares Travis 4 x x x x