Pikes Peak Road Runners

Colorado Springs, Colorado

2016 Tortoise & Hare 5K Results


Course: Out-and-back trail course.  No hills.  About 2 miles is on well-groomed hard-packed dirt trails.  About 1 mile is on cement walkway.  Elevation is about 6000 feet.

Race Format: A handicap is calculated for each competitor based on age, weight, height and gender. The handicap is in the form of minutes and seconds.  The clock is started counting down, starting at the time of the largest handicap.  When the clock reaches each runners' handicap time, that runner starts running.  So basically, the people with larger handicaps start early and are chased by people with smaller handicaps.  When the clock reaches 0, the timing machines are turned on and the clock starts to count up, as in a normal race.  The winner is the person who finishes the race first.

Note: By request, the runners' weights and weight/height ratio are not listed in these results.

Results should be posted by late morning on Saturday, April 9th, 2016.