Sparking Life PPRR

"Power Your Brain Through Exercise"

Our Mission

PPRR’s Sparking Life initiative will seek to partner with the mental health and addiction recovery community, including recovery facilities, mental health specialists, and other organizations working with people in recovery from addiction and mental health issues. The ultimate aim is to help improve the lives of those in recovery with cardiovascular activity and connection to a healthy and supportive community.

Sparking Life PPRR Experience

We will provide:

  • Running Times and Locations
  • Personalized Coaches dedicated to the well being of the athlete
  • A running plan for all ability levels


  • Weekday Runs
  • Every Tuesday @5:30pm - Various Locations


Studies show that people in recovery can use running (or other forms of cardiovascular exercise) as an important supplemental tool to help them eventually achieve long-term sobriety and relief from mental health conditions. There are several key reasons for this.

  • Chemical reactions in the brain, due to exercise, create similar reactions to that of drug use. This is the proverbial runner’s high, and is related to dopamine and other chemicals within the brain that are produced during cardiovascular exercise.
  • It can reverse the damage caused by long-term chemical abuse by helping to grow brain cells.
  • It can create a greater sense of well-being.
  • It helps the person in recovery feel a greater sense of belonging to a healthy community.
  • It can help provide positive role models via a healthy habit, leading to greater self- efficacy.

Who or What is "Sparking Life"

Sparking Life is fueling an international movement to re-engineer school practices and medical recommendations to establish curriculum, lifestyles and corporate practices based on the scientific research that confirms physical exercise enhances brain development, improves mental health, reduces addictive behavior, and helps maintain mental acuity as we age.

“Exercise or physical movement is an evolutionary mandate … our body, brain and genes evolved during man’s long evolutionary history. The genes we have today were programmed during millenniums of time and require physical activity for proper gene functioning. Without it our cells become deranged, which leads to the myriad of chronic disease conditions we face today. Physical Activity is a Health Imperative,” states John Ratey, MD, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and author or co-author of eight books on brain functioning, including SPARK, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain.

Exercise physically transforms our brains. And Sparking Life, a nonprofit organization, has taken on the mission to spread the word.

Founded by Dr. Ratey and a diverse team of professionals with common interests in intellectual pursuits, exercise, and community service, Sparking Life is forging relationships with schools, medical organizations, the fitness and health industry, government entities, the media, varied businesses, associations and individuals to help us communicate the overwhelming evidence that aerobic activity will literally change the way we think – and benefit all of society.

Who are we?

Sparking Life PPRR Sparking Life PPRR is a collaboration between Pikes Peak Road Runners (PPRR) and Sparking Life. PPRR is a non-profit running club located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is an affiliate of the Road Runners Clubs of America. PPRR’s core mission is to promote running and fitness within the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. It does this by producing and promoting running-related events, including races, social runs, and programs that support local running and youth. It also serves as a communications hub for the running community via its popular website ( and its monthly award-winning magazine, “The Long Run”, which has been published almost continuously since 1977.

Sparking Life and PPRR are joining forces using the underlying research of Dr. Ratey, specifically as it relates to addiction recovery. PPRR members and volunteers will be working to help people in recovery from addiction and mental health challenges.


I haven't run before, is this group really for me?

Sure it is. Running is great for anyone and we have coaches and a program that can take you from Zero to Hero in no time

I don't have shoes, or any other running gear

If you let us know we'll find you some gently used gear to get you started

I don't know anyone

We know that joining a group or starting something new is scary for anyone the first time. We will assign you a coach directly to work with you one on one or in very small groups (depending on demand).

Sat mornings don't work for me

Thats fine. We tried to setup a day that might work for most, but understand there are a lot of different schedules. We will work with you to find something that works.