Cheyenne Mountian Trail Race 50K Most Improved Lists Year To Year

Inaugural Race Year: 2011

CourseID: CMTR-50K-CMSP-2

Current Cousre Used in Years: 2020-present

Course Info: Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado Springs. Start/finish at the Limekiln Trailhead. From there, the course heads east and makes a quick left onto Sundance, running the southern side of the Sundance loop. At Talon, the course goes left and follows Talon, then doing the South Talon and North Talon clockwise. Then it's a return on Talon and left on Sundance, completing the other half of the Sundance loop. That complete the southern section of the course. The northern section consists of Coyote Run, Boulder Run, and clockwise around Blackmer Loop (and Cougar's Shadow). The return is via Boulder Run, and Coyote Run which completes the northern section. Then it's back to the southern section again for a rinse and repeat.

Notes: In 2017, the 50K was shortened to a 25K.

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2021 Most Improved List.

Current Year: 2021
Number runners that ran current year and a previous year: 2

Name             2021   Age    Most Recent    Age    Diff
------------- ------------ ------------------ --------
Perez, Miguel 5:33:28 38 5:07:53(2020) 38 +0:25:35 Rozak, Joe 6:46:56 39 5:52:11(2020) 39 +0:54:45 _________________________________________