Two Shoes Trek Challenge Virtual 2020 / Cottonwood Creek 10 mile

         Park Hours: 05:00 AM 11:00 PM

         Location: Cottonwood Creek, 7040 Rangewood Dr. (Dublin Blvd. & Rangewood Dr.)

         Park Website:

         Strava Segment:

         Strava route:

         Did you run the 2020 Winter Series? If so, this course might look a bit familiar. Yes, we used the WS courses to save a bit of time in putting this one together. Flat and fast! Hope you enjoy!



Start / Mile 0.0

Begin on the trail facing east. You will be located west of Rangewood Dr. and north of Dublin Blvd. There will be a Y in the concrete path. This will be your starting location.





Mile 0.1

Continue straight at the first Y intersection.



Mile 0.5

Continue straight and cross the bridge.







Mile 1.1

Turn right at Union




Mile 1.2

Turn right away from Union

Mile 1.2 2.0

Stay on the main trail heading east


Mile 2.0

Slight right on single track heading down towards Cottonwood Creek.


Mile 2.1

Merge with trail heading east





Mile 2.3

Near Rangewood stay to the right when a Y is reached

























Mile 2.4

Make left at sidewalk and immediately make a left heading back down towards Cottonwood Creek. Merge back the way you came.










Mile 2.7

Head back up towards the main trail leaving Cottonwood Creek behind you, merging with the main concrete path, and heading back towards Union.










Mile 3.6

Left at Union



Mile 3.62

Left leaving Union











Mile 4.2

Hard right directly after bridge


Mile 4.25

Merge with main trail along Monarbor Dr.







Mile 4.4

Merge with concrete path


Mile 4.5

Stay to the right








Mile 4.6

Circle around Cottonwood Creek Park


Mile 4.8

Take a right at the Y intersection. This will be near the start.






Mile 4.8 7.4

Remain on the main path heading east and northeast. You will make your way through a tunnel under Rangewood and over some bridges to cross Cottonwood Creek while passing under Woodmen.
















Mile 7.4

Take a right entering Frank Castello Park which will be circled.










Mile 7.44

Continue straight.



Mile 7.49

Turn left










Mile 7.5

Turn left












Mile 7.55

Turn left


Mile 7.61

Turn Right













Mile 7.65

Turn left


Mile 7.6 10.0

Run back to Cottonwood Park staying on the main trail. There are a couple of decision points along the way.


Mile 8.5

Stay to the left



Mile 8.7

Stay to the left



Mile 10.0




Congratulations! You have finished the Two Shoes Trek Challenge 10 mile! Please remember to record you time.