Two Shoes Trek Challenge Virtual 2020 / Fox Run Regional Park 5k and 10K Routes

         Park Hours: 05:00 AM Ė 09:00 PM


         5k Strava segment:

         5k Strava route:

         10k Strava segment:

         10k Strava route:

         This park is in Monument, CO. The course is hilly but just when you find yourself winded, youíll begin a sweeping downhill. The Start/Finish is right in the middle of the park so itís best to enter from the South entrance, off Stella Drive.

         Directions to Fox Run Regional Park (see page 2 for a map to the entrance)

o   Plug 2110 Stella Drive into your smart phone.

o   If coming from the South on Roller Coaster Road, turn left on Stella Drive.

o   If coming from the West on Baptist Road, turn right on Roller Coaster and then a right on Stella Drive.

o   If coming from the East on Baptist/Hodgen Road, turn left on Roller Coaster and then a right on Stella Drive.

o   If coming from the North on Roller Coaster Road, turn left on Stella Drive.








Please take note of the squiggly perimeter trail. Youíll be running counter clockwise for the 5k.


         The Course

         Enter at the sign along Stella Drive and turn left at the first fork. Drive past the playing fields and stay on the main drag until you come to bathrooms and a small parking lot.


         Park and prepare for your Fox Run journey. The start line is a yellow pole next to the parking lot. In the photo on your left, take the first left at the top of the hill. This is the perimeter trail. The perimeter trail is marked with blue diamonds on trees and frequent signs. The trail is called Volksmarch/Red Fox.

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         At .22 miles look for the funky tree (and bench) for a photo op



         At .52 miles, take a right

         At .61 miles the Roller Coaster trail head and bathroom can be found. Keep left and the course will start a gradual climb toward the North side of the park

         At 1.12 miles, stay on the main trail by bearing left.

         At 1.29 miles, take a right, again staying on the perimeter trail

         At 1.36 miles look for the tree chair and grab a photo op. Cool tree at 1.66 miles.

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         At 1.9 miles, bear right, cross the small road, and climb the hill. Stay with the blue diamonds.

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         At 2.38 miles, take a left and head down toward the lower parking lots.

         At 2.62 miles, take a left on the road and run up to where your car is parked.

         To get your 3.1 miles in, be sure to enter the parking area clockwise and stop at the yellow pole.

         For the 10k, you guessed it, keep going and complete the course clockwise!!