Two Shoes Trek ChallengeVirtual 2020/ Monument Valley Park 5 Miler Route


·         Park Hours: 6am-9pm

·         Park Website:

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·         This course is flat and very fast. It begins and ends near Monument Valley Park’s largest recreational areas. This course will take you through the entire park and introduce you to all it has to offer; a beautiful duck pond, run you along the flowing Monument Valley Creek, over the Popcycle Bridge, around Boddington Park, and give you a sneak peek at Colorado College.

·          Directions to Monument Valley Park parking lot:


o   From I-25, take exit 143 for Uintah St., use the right lane to turn left onto Uintah St., turn right onto Glen Ave., follow Glen Ave. all the way to Mesa Rd. where you will see a parking lot. Park there or along Glen if parking lot is full. You can also access the starting line from parking along Cache Le Poudre, this will give you more of warm up to the start.









·         Course Description



o   Starting line is approximately quarter mile south of the parking lot at Glen and Mesa. Just passed the Monument Valley Pool, you will come up to a standing rock with a historical plaque inlay – this is your starting line!



o   Begin by running north, you are on the west side of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail and will stay on this pathway.


o   Once you’ve passed the gardens, you will take an immediate left, onto a single- track trail, down into the pond area. Follow the trail around the pond, which will lead you back onto the main trail.



o   Continue north along the trail. Follow the trail across the Popcycle Bridge – what is the Popcycle Bridge, you say?? BONUS POINT: Find the informational marker to find out why this bridge has such a unique name (hint: it’s just passed the bridge on the left) and take a selfie with the bridge in the background!



o   From the Popcycle Bridge, take a right to head south back on the Pikes Peak Greenway.





o   At the fork, take your IMMEDIATE left. Follow this portion of the trail all the way around Boddington Park (think big circle around a nestled soccer field).




o   You will come to a three-way intersection, continue straight and remember the large trees on your right.




o   Don’t miss this turn around Boddington Park! Keep right to make a circle!











o   Once you’ve circled Boddington Park, you will pop back out onto the trail. Make a left u-turn around the large trees and follow the single-track south. Yep, those are the large trees you are supposed to remember!





o   Veer LEFT ONLY through this part of the course, staying on the single track. You will approach a playground, run past the playground - staying to the left - and you will come up to the Pikes Peak Greenway once again. Take a left on the wide trail to head south. 





o   BONUS POINT! Take a picture at the Monument Valley Park Geologic Column after you cross the small stone bridge.






o   The trail will eventually intersect the main Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. Continue south.  



o   Stay on the trail for a while (long enough to think about how fast this course is or take a peek at Colorado College, your pick) and you will eventually approach a footbridge - hang a right to cross the bridge.




o   Once you cross the bridge, head straight (west) to go around the large open space.





o   Follow the sidewalk to the pickleball courts. Take the right along the sidewalk just before the courts.





o   You will quickly hit the Pikes Peak Greenway again, take a right and race to the finish! Once you clear 5 miles…you’re done!



·         Congratulations! You have completed the Two Shoes Trek Challenge 5 miler in Monument Valley Park along the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. Hope you had fun and don’t forget to record your route!