Two Shoes Trek Challenge

Ute Valley Park -  4.95 miles


Strava Segment:

Strava Route:


Start - miles 0-0.1

Head out of the parking lot on the trail that heads south-west (do not go over the bridge to the east). Turn right on the second trail, go over the wooden bridge and take another right.



Mile 0.4

Head towards Vindicator. Just before you hit the sidewalk, go up the hill to the left



Mile 0.5

At the top of the ridge, take the first left. This trail will meet up with a larger trail; continue in the same direction (south/south-east)

Miles 0.5-1.1

Continue along the entire length of the ridge. Do not take any sharp right or left turns. See photos for two key spots.



Mile 1.1

At this fork the trails appear to go almost parallel, take the upper (right) trail. Follow this trail and it will eventually take you to the top of the ridge. There is a small switch back before you get on top of the ridge - don’t panic, just keep following the trail. 



Mile 1.3

At the top of the ridge, peak over the edge to see Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. Then take a left (south). Continue along the top of the ridge. You’ll have to climb over some rocks, but just follow the trail and stay towards the top of the ridge.

Mile 1.6

The trail will curve to the left (No photo). Follow the trail until the wide Pine Ridge trail. Take this trail to the right (south).



Mile 2

At the intersection of four trails, go down the steep hill to the right. Bonus point: at the bottom of the hill, document yourself heping the sweet girl read a few pages of her book. Then turn around and head back up the hill.



Mile 2.1

At the top of the hill, turn right

Mile 2.2

You will see a gate in front of you. Before the gate, turn left and follow the trail down the hill.




Mile 2.5

Pass the fence that says “reroute” and follow the rerouted trail as it winds back and forth across the old trail.




Mile 2.6

At the other end of the rerouted trail, curve around to the left/almost a U-turn.


Mile 2.7

Take the second left near the top of this hill. DO NOT turn at the “To scrub oak path” sign. Follow this trail until you get back to Pine Ridge trail. There are a few places where the trail appears to fork slightly, the trails always come back together, so choose your own adventure (just keep going west, up the hill).




Mile 3.1

When you get back to the Pine Ridge trail, turn right.




Mile 3.6

At the bottom of the hill, cross the small bridge and go up the small hill. At the top of this hill, take a sharp right.



Mile 4 

At this intersection, go left. If you don’t immediately see a stone arch, you are not in the right place. Go under the arch.



Mile 4.2a

Past the arch, take a left and go up the hill.



Mile 4.2b

At the top of this part of the hill, take a sharp left to continue up the steep hill




Mile 4.5

At the top of the hill, take a lap around the bench, a quick rest, soak in the view of Pikes Peak and get ready to do everything in reverse.










Finish - miles 4.2-4.9

Go over the top and down the other side. When you get back to the trail you started on, take a right and finish the run! Make sure you don’t take the trail that leads to the wooden bridge. When you’re done, you’ll be about 0.05 mi short of 5 miles. If that bothers you, take a lap of the parking lot.